Hear what others have to say about CoolShims

Mr. Marvin couldn’t wait to get his hands on a set because he had an upcoming race at Daytona in his highly modified Datsun 240Z. He Fed-Ex’d a cash payment so we could send him our very first set the day before the race. Here is what he had to say:

Wow, what a difference! We pounded on our brakes the entire race at Daytona without the usual pedal fade and finished 1st! What a great product! Excellent quality, perfect fit, and, most importantly, they work! I can't wait to see how much they improve our braking performance at the run-offs.

When we first made CoolShims for the Porsche 911, we sent a demonstration set to Robert for his Carrera 3.2. Here is what he had to say:

I ran this product at some of the most demanding tracks in California, including: Willow Springs, Infineon, Buttonwillow, Laguna Seca, and California Speedway. Boy did I notice the longevity of flat braking. No more fade towards the end of the race. I have set many track records as well as won several championships these past few years and I can tell you that this product well supports its claims. It is easy to install and it works. Thanks for having me test the brake coolers - you aren't getting them back!

Kyle racing a Datsun Z Car had this to say:

Drive up, brakes kicked ass. This is the Lake County twisties I'm talkin bout, and it was 105F. ZERO issues with the brakes. Track day, brakes kicked total ass. I had brakes to spare all day long, and absolutely dominated the track. I had the least powerful (and oldest!) car in our group, and had no trouble keeping everyone way out in the rearview through all the twisties. Turbo Porsches, a few Boxsters, my buddy's Ferrari 575M, S2000's, etc. Sure they blew past me on the straight, but I had it where it counted. Your product gets a huge thumbs up. Thanks for helping me make it a great day.