Where can you buy CoolShims®?

CoolShims® may be purchased online through
Pelican Parts.

Are CoolShims® available for your car?

CoolShims® are manufactured by Four Products. Please visit Four Products website to search for vehicle support.

If your car is currently unsupported, remember to register it with Four Products! New Coolshims® are being designed and manufactured in order of popularity.

Decrease the Temperature of Your Brakes

CoolShims® are “drop-in” brake coolers that require little or no vehicle modification. They are mounted between the brake pad and caliper piston and are as easy to install as a new set of brake pads. They conduct heat from the caliper piston to a heat sink located externally to the brake caliper.

In dynometer testing at Greening Laboratories of Detroit, Michigan, CoolShims® lowered brake fluid temperatures twenty percent and prevented brake caliper failure on a Meritor Quadraulic truck caliper. Separate, independent testing has also shown significantly faster cool down times for a caliper employing CoolShim technology. CoolShims® are effective and are much more economical than full brake system upgrades. Furthermore, they can be designed to fit almost any vehicle and generally last for the lifetime of the vehicle.